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    • Date: Oct 21, 2018
    • Time: 11am - 4pm
    • Location: Sebastopol, CA
    • Cost: $55 for adult and children 10+
    • Deposit: $25
    • Age: Open to adults, families and older children.

Your birthright is to be a natural, whole human… to be healthy, happy, interconnected, intuitive, fully alive and vibrant!

How is that so?

For countless millennia before the beginnings of agriculture, humans lived very predictable lives. Plants grew in the same places year after year, animals followed regular patterns of movement and weather moved rather smoothly through the cycle of seasons. The behaviors of early humans that almost always brought success eventually became instincts. Following one’s instincts yielded competence, security and a sense of peace. Going against one’s instincts produced an uncertain outcome and anxiety.

Which is all well and good for hunter-gatherers, but what about us modern humans?

Have you ever tended a campfire or found yourself simply staring into the glowing coals? That instinct is over a million years old. Have you ever been “frozen in fear”? That’s an instinct to escape detection by predators that is even older.

We haven’t lost our instincts, but we’ve suppressed and distorted many of them, with the result that happiness and peace are in decline and anti-depressants are the #2 most prescribed drug in America. We are… simply… feeling the anxiety of going against our instincts.

How can we live naturally, happily and at peace while still living in the modern world? Join me for a fun and informative day to learn just that!

What We’ll Experience:

  • Bird language
  • Plant communication
  • Sit spot
  • Natural movement
  • Sit up straight! And other lessons about Posture
  • Reducing your zone of disturbance, increasing your zone of awareness
  • Accessing intuition
  • Getting woke by a bear
  • Intuitive land navigation
  • Intuitive decision-making
  • Foraging and faith through interconnectedness
  • Touch, entrainment and other forms of connection
  • Fire making and ego dismissal
  • The wisdom of no exit
  • Seeing what is, seeing what is next
  • P…a…t…i…e…n…c…e…
  • A fun game
  • A story to bring it all together

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