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    • Date: TBA
    • Time: 11am - 3pm
    • Location: TBA
    • Cost: $40 (parents attending with child are free)

Join me for a Walkabout at one of my favorite places! This location offers a wide diversity of plants, environments and animals. We’ll discover a patch of slender milkweed, which is great for cordage (and we’ll look for monarch caterpillars), wild grape, tules, stinging nettle, and so much more!

The Walkabout is a way of “asking” the land for guidance. It’s a way of finding food, shelter and tools intuitively. It takes a bit of faith and it’s a lot of fun!

We’ll identify our needs vs. wants, then go for a walk along trails that take us along a beautiful lake, then into a deep forest, a dry eucalyptus grove, and finally along a cool river (with frogs!).

We’ll learn A LOT as we discover how to meet our needs easily and efficiently with our “beginner’s mind”, unfocused awareness and the thrill of the unknown.