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    • Date: Oct 20, 2018
    • Time: 11am - 3pm
    • Location: Sebastopol, CA
    • Cost: $55 per adult / $40 per unaccompanied child(must be 10+) / $20 per accompanied child (9 and under must have adult present)
    • Deposit: $25

Join wildlife biologist and Stone Age skills expert, Chris Morasky, for a day that you’ll never forget! Awaken your instincts while learning edible and medicinal plants, natural movement, how to make rope from local plants, tracking and reading the landscape, making fire with sticks, building a shelter and so much more! This ain’t no book learnin’!

This is a brief yet deep dive into truly natural living. For 99.99% of the time that we’ve walked upright, we lived as egalitarian (sharing everything), immediate return (what you eat today is what you gather today) gatherer-hunters. We were in tune with natural processes… a part of nature just like coyotes and chickadees and deer. Our social strategies ensured cooperation through ego dismissal, transparency, heart/mind entrainment, ritual and stories.

It seems as though we’ve forgotten so much, but ancient memories are just beneath our modern veneer… waiting for a gentle reminder…

What We’ll Do:

  • Natural movement
  • Expanded sensory awareness
  • Exploring
  • Reading the landscape
  • Assessing needs vs. wants
  • Setting priorities for survival vs. long-term “surthrival”
  • Plant communication and conscious gathering
  • Plants for food and medicine
  • Poisonous plants
  • Tracking
  • Accessing intuition
  • Shelter building and choosing the right location and design
  • Making rope from wild plants
  • Starting a fire using handdrill or bowdrill
  • Camouflage and observation game
  • A story to bring it all together

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