IMPORTANT! I really value direct contact with your child. I want to hear their fears, confusion, frustration and hope. The Zoom meeting will NOT be the space for that because there are too many children. One-on-one attention will happen during Q and A and in the private group. If you can’t make the Tuesday meeting, […]

Join wildlife biologist and Stone Age skills expert, Chris Morasky, for a day that you’ll never forget! Awaken your instincts while learning natural movement, how to make rope, tracking and reading the landscape, making fire with sticks, building a shelter and so much more! Learn the best plants in our area for food, medicine and […]

Core Skills Covered:    Stone Age fire making with handdrill and bow drill Deadfall traps and snares Lizard snares Rabbit sticks Sit spot Tracking Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk This is a BIG day as we learn ancient lessons about fire and life. These teachings go deep into the origin of our species. Our […]

Core Skills Covered:   Make a healing oil or salve Nerve tonic Pain liniment Keepin’ it at 98.6. Shelter and insulation Sit spot Tracking Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk Today we explore a beautiful expanse of forest and fields and learn about lots of different plants that are edible, useful or medicinal. We’ll make […]

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