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  • Venue: Camp Arnaz Program Center
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    • Date: October 11 - 13, 2019
    • Location: Camp Arnaz Girl Scout Camp, Ventura CA (Rome Beauty Cabin)
    • Cost: $315. Lodging and meals included. GF and Veg options available.
    • Age: 18+ Adults Only Please
  • Parent Training - Inspire Funds may be used for adult tickets.

Conflict. How does that word feel inside your body when you hear it? Are you noticing tension? Maybe a tightening of the chest? Or a knot in the tummy? 


Imagine if we had the experience of feeling confidence and excitement when conflict arose. What if we found ourselves leaning into conflict rather than avoiding it? What if, when we leaned into conflict, it meant healing and a deepening of relationship rather than trauma, confusion and separation? 


How might this shift change the very fabric of our experience? How might it impact our personal relationships? 


Please join our team of skilled Authentic Relating facilitators for an incredible 3 days/2 nights in the stunning Ojai Valley as we dig into the self-work and skill sets necessary to shift ourselves from conflict avoiders to conflict transformers! Meals will be provided by Chef Kajsa Alger. Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available. 


Authentic Relating is a set of practices, games and tools that open us to connection with each other and give us the opportunity to be seen as our true selves. Through the creation of a trusted container, we will spend the weekend engaging in conscious relationship with each other and go deep on multiple topics: consent, relationships, conflict, parenting, boundaries, trauma and healing and more. Through core practices like Empathy, Curiosity, and Noticing, you will have the opportunity to connect with and see your community in ways you’ve never experienced before.


During this weekend we will learn to: 

~ View conflict as an opportunity for healing and connection.

~ Implement a conscious consent culture in our families and community.

~ Share and receive impact with ease.

~ Support our children in navigating consent and conflict with authenticity and kindness.


Danny Morris is a trauma-informed somatic mindfulness coach and plays at the intersections of meditation, spirituality, healing and relating. He has spent over 10,000 hours in silent meditation retreat exploring for himself the direct experience pointed to by spiritual traditions. He is now in the deep inquiry of taking the depth of the inward journey and applying it to becoming fully human and engaging in a world that requires action with an open heart.

K. Stellar Dutcher – With stars in their eyes and a guitar in hand, K. Stellar Dutcher can usually be found encouraging those who cross their path to step more radically into themselves and the world. A lifelong musician and event facilitator, Stellar led youth groups and worked in fundraising before hitting the road in 2015 with workshops and music.

With more than a decade of experience and training in group facilitation ~ from conferences to weddings to weekly meetups ~ Stellar’s specialty is using mindfulness, guided interactions and music to open a group to deeper layers of itself, gently guiding people into more intimate connection with self, planet and perceived other. Poet, songwriter, fundraiser and activist, Stellar offers inspiration, activation and song to anyone tuning into the beloved community and emerging, healing world.

Sydney McGary is a passionate facilitator of play, primal embodiment, and authentic relating from the ancient mountains of western North Carolina. Currently living in Washington State, she spends her time cultivating community through authentic relating practices, working with plant medicines, and deepening her studies in trauma-informed alternative healing modalities. She is passionate about building the bridge between ecological systems and permaculture communities with social activism and human relationship. Sydney brings with her facilitation an adventurous spirit that is grounded in the body, and loves supporting others in expanding their creative expression, childlike curiosity, and learning how to embody their true nature.

Elias ‘Yako’ Serras is a community consultant, event producer and facilitator who currently resides in Seattle, WA. Having spent much of the past decade living and learning in more than 25 Ecovillages around the world, he is working to apply lessons learned on the fringes to more mainstream and urban contexts. Elias is committed to a collective awakening into deep ecological consciousness. He has followed interests and done work in the realms of Men’s Work, Rites of Passage, Mindfulness and Humanistic Psychology. Originally from upstate New York, he has lived in many places picking up stories and perspectives. As an aspiring writer, filmmaker, and musician Elias believes in the power of storytelling to shift consciousness and transcend boundaries. During free time, Elias can usually be found getting lost in the woods, jamming out on the piano, or reading a book in his hammock.

Carey French is a Somatic Sex Educator and Consent Educator from Seattle with a deep yearning to replace rape culture with consent culture and facilitate collective healing. She integrates somatic experiences of consent with nuanced discussions of power and privilege, inviting an embodied style of learning to get at the heart of what consent really means. She supports individuals and communities in practicing tools for safe, authentic connection and mutual celebration! She thinks boundaries are sexy.

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