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    • Date: Thursdays from January 16 - March 26, 2020
    • Homeschool Time: 11am - 3pm
    • Location: Eaton Canyon
    • Homeschool Cost: $500
    • Age: Ages 7 and up. Younger siblings welcome.
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  • INSPIRE CHARTER FUNDS WELCOME. We must receive your certificate for service within 2 weeks of registration.

There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students at Eaton Canyon! This location has a lot of biodiversity for us to discover as we also learn about our selves and how to be in community. And, of course, we’ll hike to the Falls one class and enjoy the cool spray as the creek cascades 50 feet to meet the pool below. From the falls to a shady pine grove, dry flats to creekside alder trees, this location supports California newts, mountain kingsnakes, tree frogs, fence lizards and so much more. Adventure awaits!

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