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    • Date: Sunday, February 10
    • Time: 11am - 3pm
    • Location: Hansen Dam Recreation Area
    • Cost: $40/participant. Children age 6 and under must have an adult present. Parents may attend with a child at no additional cost.
    • Homeschool Cost: Inspire Charter School cost: $45.
  • Inspire Charter students: Please submit funding request under "Elements Gathering". Full payment is due on the first day of class and this payment will be refunded once we receive payment from Inspire. Contact me if you need support.

The huge wildfires of 2018 left many of us, especially children, feeling frightened by the images of walls of flames, charred building remains and towering plumes of smoke. Yet this is only half of the story…

Join me for a naturalist’s journey through Hansen Dam Recreation Area, which burned in the Creek Fire just over a year ago. We’ll explore the miraculous power of nature to renew herself. What plants and animals live here now? How has the fire changed the species diversity and population sizes? We’ll learn about successional stages and how Native Americans have used fire for thousands of years to intentionally shape their environment.

Exploring this area one year after it burned will help us to imagine the journey of regeneration for the lands scorched by the Woolsey, Paradise and other fires.

This will be a fun day of learning and exploring! Join me in the adventure!

What we’ll learn:

  • Strategies plants/animals use to escape fire
  • Strategies plants use to return after the burn
  • Stages of ecological succession
  • Native American uses of fire for habitat management
  • Identification/uses of plants we find
  • Who knows? It’s an adventure! 🙂

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