Imagine exploring a wild and scenic Montana river! A huge and majestic moose might be just around the next bend! Beavers, elk, deer, eagles, bears, wolves and other wildlife live here along the Jefferson River in SW Montana. The trout fishing is word class, too! Welcome to River Camp! The land is operated by our […]

Join wildlife biologist and Stone Age skills expert, Chris Morasky, for a day that you’ll never forget! Awaken your instincts while learning natural movement, how to make rope, tracking and reading the landscape, making fire with sticks, building a shelter and so much more! Learn the best plants in our area for food, medicine and […]

Core Skills Covered:    Stone Age fire making with handdrill and bow drill Deadfall traps and snares Lizard snares Rabbit sticks Sit spot Tracking Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk This is a BIG day as we learn ancient lessons about fire and life. These teachings go deep into the origin of our species. Our […]

Core Skills Covered:   Make a healing oil or salve Nerve tonic Pain liniment Keepin’ it at 98.6. Shelter and insulation Sit spot Tracking Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk Today we explore a beautiful expanse of forest and fields and learn about lots of different plants that are edible, useful or medicinal. We’ll make […]

Core Skills Covered:    Crayfish hunting Stone tool making Make a fork, spoon, straw, container from cane Make a fishing spear Sit spot Tracking Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk This is one of my favorite places! Although we’re just outside of Los Angeles, I’ve tracked mountain lions here. Journey with me into the Lost […]

June 2: Hunting 101 (see separate listing) June 16: Maps, Navigation, Gear and Choosing a Stand (see separate listing) August 4-5: Pre-hunt Weekend Intensive (see separate listing) August 25-28: Bowhunting Trip Graduation This is a course for anyone who wants to get closer to animals, more deeply understand their behavior, and who is either currently […]

This class is part a series called “Sacred Hunting Comprehensive Course”, but you’re welcome to take it as a stand-alone class. Have you ever wanted to go hunting, but weren’t sure where to begin? Are you interested in learning a sacred approach to hunting that honors the animals you pursue? Would you like to know […]

There’s something really amazing (and delicious!) about opening a pit that’s been cooking your food for the past 5 hours or more. The steam becomes more and more intense as the layers of earth and greenery are slowly peeled away and the aroma becomes oh sooooo yummy! Food cooked this way is so rich and […]

This beautiful, simple and eminently functional basket style is found all over the world. In the northern hemisphere, berry baskets have been made from cedar, birch, spruce, maple, pine, aspen, willow, tulip poplar, cypress, hickory and more. Any flexible bark that can be removed as a panel will make a berry basket. This is an […]