June 16, 2018

Sacred Hunting: Maps, Navigation, Gear and Choosing a Stand
Saturday, June 16, 2018
10am – 4pm

This class is part of the Sacred Hunting series of classes, though you are welcome to join even if this is your first class (there’s a discount if you take the whole series).

We continue on our journey of the Sacred Hunt! In this class, we’ll go deeper. Topics today will include:

Reading animal sign and interpreting movement patterns
Bird language
Game calls and predator calling
Single day vs. multi-day hikes
Reading maps and other resources to plan your hunt
Gear: packs, game bags, binoculars, flashlights
Make a quickee backpack on the spot
An overview of weapons: choosing a bow or rifle, pros and cons of different weapons
Safe handling of firearms
Archery practice
Safety and survival considerations
Hunting Q and A