April 4, 2017 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Organized By

Sean Critchfield

Topanga and Malibu have so many beautiful and abundant wild places to explore! Hike a stream that supports endangered southern steelhead trout, gather sage seeds and follow a raccoon’s tracks… so much to learn in this program!

Homeschool: 11-3

Afterschool: 3:45-5:45

First class is Jan 10. Meets every other Tuesday.

7 classes: January 10January24February 7February 21March 7March 21April 4
Homeschool cost: $35/class. Total cost: $245.
Afterschool cost: $20/class. Total cost: $140.

Registration for each class needs to include the following information:
1. Name and age of the child
2. Name and contact information for parent (phone number and email)
3. Sign off on the waiver
4. A $100 deposit or payment in full for each child/class.
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