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Read more about our workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco area below

Apprentice of the Wild programs around LA with Chris!

Age 5-16 (children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult)
Adults are welcome to join us at no cost.

Don’t wait! These classes will fill up.

This program offers children the opportunity to have fun learning the skills of our ancestors from someone who’s lived the Old Ways. It’s a beautiful way to bring balance to their technology-driven lives, understand the difference between their needs and wants, and gain the self-confidence that comes from meeting those needs directly.

This is a mentoring program. We will make fires by rubbing sticks together, learn edible and medicinal plants, move silently, feel the natural rhythm of the land, and discover ancient wisdom as we “seek what they sought.” All classes are taught with love, compassion, non-violent communication (NVC) methods, and the inherent principles of living a life in Harmony with the Earth.

I’ll be drawing from over 30 years teaching experience to offer a day that’s specific to the interests and uniqueness of the students.

Here is a partial list of experiences children may have:

  • Exploring
  • Native and nature immersion games
  • Sensory awareness, expanded vision
  • Silent walking and stalking
  • Tracking and reading animal sign
  • Camouflage
  • Safe use of knives and knife sharpening
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Fire making with flint and steel, bowdrill and handdrill
  • Preparing char cloth
  • Preparing tinder
  • Types of fires for warmth, signalling, cooking and the making of tools
  • Using fire to shape and bend wood; straightening handdrill shafts and coal burning
  • Shelter design and concepts for insulation and weatherproofing
  • Shelter location based on topography
  • Water purification using primitive methods
  • Making rope/string from plants for fishing line, nets, snares, etc.
  • Digging sticks and rabbit sticks
  • Primitive hygiene (making soap, toothbrush and comb)
  • Paiute deadfall trap, quail trap and springpole snare
  • Safety outdoors (poisonous plants, insects, reptiles, bear and mtn. lion)
  • Useful knots
  • Outdoors cooking methods and wild teas
  • Accessing intuition
  • Navigation
  • Traditional and modern stories
  • Wilderness ethics

Apprentice of the Wild: Topanga Tuesdays!

There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! Topanga has so many beautiful and abundant wild places to explore! Hike a stream that supports endangered southern steelhead trout, gather sage seeds, make a stone knife and follow a raccoon’s tracks… so much to learn in this program! This session we’ll also learn about making plant medicines! Our class meets at a variety of locations throughout Topanga.

Homeschool: 11-3
Afterschool: SOLD OUT
First class is Oct 30, Meets every Tuesday.
7 classes: Oct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec 4, 11
Homeschool cost: $280
Deposit: $50

Apprentice of the Wild: Pasadena (Hahamongna) Thursdays!

Update! There are only 6 classes in this session because we are not meeting Nov. 22. The correct totals are $240 for Homeschool and $120 for Afterschool. Sorry for the error 🙂

There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! Hahamongna is one of my favorite places! A great diversity of plants and animals including a variety of lizards, toads, Pacific tree frogs, hawks and owls and even bobcat. We can build shelters here, forage, play Skunk and Owl, and explore “Frogopolis”! This session we’ll also learn about making plant medicines!

Homeschool: 11-3
Afterschool: 3:45 – 5:45
First class is Nov 1, Meets every Thursday.
7 classes: Nov 1, 8, 15, 29, Dec 6, 13
Homeschool cost: $280
Afterschool cost: $140
Deposit: $50

Apprentice of the Wild: Palos Verdes Sundays!


There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! Build a shelter, catch a lizard, uncover mysterious “lions” in the sand and so much more! Three classes at Frog Creek and one class at a rarely-visited beach with awesome tide pools!

11am – 3pm
First class is Nov 4, Meets every other Sunday.
4 classes: Nov 4, 18, Dec 2, 16
Total cost: $160

* Class takes place rain or shine. Refunds will only be issued if class is cancelled.
* Flexible payment plans are available, so don’t sweat it. Your child’s time in the woods is valuable!

Everything You Need to Know About Living WILD!

Sebastopol, CA

Saturday, October 20

Join wildlife biologist and Stone Age skills expert, Chris Morasky, for a day that you’ll never forget! Awaken your instincts while learning edible and medicinal plants, natural movement, how to make rope from local plants, tracking and reading the landscape, making fire with sticks, building a shelter and so much more! This ain’t no book learnin’!

This is a brief yet deep dive into truly natural living. For 99.99% of the time that we’ve walked upright, we lived as egalitarian (sharing everything), immediate return (what you eat today is what you gather today) gatherer-hunters. We were in tune with natural processes… a part of nature just like coyotes and chickadees and deer. Our social strategies ensured cooperation through ego dismissal, transparency, heart/mind entrainment, ritual and stories.

It seems as though we’ve forgotten so much, but ancient memories are just beneath our modern veneer… waiting for a gentle reminder…

What We’ll Do:

  • Natural movement
  • Expanded sensory awareness
  • Exploring
  • Reading the landscape
  • Assessing needs vs. wants
  • Setting priorities for survival vs. long-term “surthrival”
  • Plant communication and conscious gathering
  • Plants for food and medicine
  • Poisonous plants
  • Tracking
  • Accessing intuition
  • Shelter building and choosing the right location and design
  • Making rope from wild plants
  • Starting a fire using handdrill or bowdrill
  • Camouflage and observation game
  • A story to bring it all together

Saturday, October 20, 11am – 3pm
Open to adults, families and older children.
$55 per adult
$40 per unaccompanied child (must be 10 or older for drop-off)
$20 per accompanied child (children age 9 and under must have an adult present)
Deposit: $25

Wild and Free: for Modern Humans

Sebastopol, CA

Sunday, October 21

Your birthright is to be a natural, whole human… to be healthy, happy, interconnected, intuitive, fully alive and vibrant!

How is that so?

For countless millennia before the beginnings of agriculture, humans lived very predictable lives. Plants grew in the same places year after year, animals followed regular patterns of movement and weather moved rather smoothly through the cycle of seasons. The behaviors of early humans that almost always brought success eventually became instincts. Following one’s instincts yielded competence, security and a sense of peace. Going against one’s instincts produced an uncertain outcome and anxiety.

Which is all well and good for hunter-gatherers, but what about us modern humans?

Have you ever tended a campfire or found yourself simply staring into the glowing coals? That instinct is over a million years old. Have you ever been “frozen in fear”? That’s an instinct to escape detection by predators that is even older.

We haven’t lost our instincts, but we’ve suppressed and distorted many of them, with the result that happiness and peace are in decline and anti-depressants are the #2 most prescribed drug in America. We are… simply… feeling the anxiety of going against our instincts.

How can we live naturally, happily and at peace while still living in the modern world? Join me for a fun and informative day to learn just that!

What We’ll Experience:

  • Bird language
  • Plant communication
  • Sit spot
  • Natural movement
  • Sit up straight! And other lessons about Posture
  • Reducing your zone of disturbance, increasing your zone of awareness
  • Accessing intuition
  • Getting woke by a bear
  • Intuitive land navigation
  • Intuitive decision-making
  • Foraging and faith through interconnectedness
  • Touch, entrainment and other forms of connection
  • Fire making and ego dismissal
  • The wisdom of no exit
  • Seeing what is, seeing what is next
  • P…a…t…i…e…n…c…e…
  • A fun game
  • A story to bring it all together

Sunday, October 21, 11am – 4pm
Open to adults, families and older children.
$55 per adult and children age 10+
Deposit: $25

Drum Making Workshop

Date and Location TBA

10am - 5pm

We’ll be making beautiful hand drums that you can use in ceremony or for your personal enjoyment. I’ve been making drums for over 15 years.

Bringing back Deer’s voice. This is a tool for the journey. Expect a rich experience of intention, beauty and fun while we create together!

Cost of this workshop will be $225. All materials provided. 10am – 5pm Sunday. Location to be announced.

Date and Location TBA, 10am – 5pm
Cost of workshop: $225
All materials provided.

Cedar Bark Basketry Workshop

Date and Location TBA

10am - 4pm

This beautiful, simple and eminently functional basket style is found all over the world. In the northern hemisphere, berry baskets have been made from cedar, birch, spruce, maple, pine, aspen, willow, tulip poplar, cypress, hickory and more. Any flexible bark that can be removed as a panel will make a berry basket.

This is an easy and fun project! Join us as we honor the cedar and the wisdom to be found in the convergent methodology of this nearly universal basket style.

Cost: $65
Age: Adults and children with a parent.

Weave a Tule Water Bottle Basket!

Date and Location TBA

10am - 4pm

Tules, aka bulrushes, are an incredible plant that is easy to weave! We’ll be weaving a simple, beautiful and useful basket around a water bottle. Tules (pronounced too-lees) are like “foam” on the inside, so this covering offers substantial protection to a glass bottle.

This class is a great introduction to the wonderful world of tule weaving, which includes a wide variety of baskets, mats, hats, ropes and straps and even shoes!

Come out and have fun as we weave together!

Cost: $55 + $15 materials fee.

Walkabout: Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants plus Ancient Skills Hike

Date and Location TBA

11am - 3pm

Join me for a Walkabout at one of my favorite places! This location offers a wide diversity of plants, environments and animals. We’ll discover a patch of slender milkweed, which is great for cordage (and we’ll look for monarch caterpillars), wild grape, tules, stinging nettle, and so much more!

The Walkabout is a way of “asking” the land for guidance.  It’s a way of finding food, shelter and tools intuitively.  It takes a bit of faith and it’s a lot of fun!

We’ll identify our needs vs. wants, then go for a walk along trails that take us along a beautiful lake, then into a deep forest, a dry eucalyptus grove, and finally along a cool river (with frogs!).

We’ll learn A LOT as we discover how to meet our needs easily and efficiently with our “beginner’s mind”, unfocused awareness and the thrill of the unknown.

Cost: $40 (parents attending with a child are free)

Make a Willow Egg Basket!

Date and Location TBA

10am - 5pm

This easy basket is fun, beautiful and oh so functional!  You can fill it with the eggs you collect or use it for grocery shopping or…  Well, you’ll want to use it because it’s so beautiful!

We will weave European basket willow that I harvested from a farm in Oregon.  Once you’ve learned how to make this basket, you can experiment with a variety of other materials including vines, dogwood, bark, fabric and rope. How fun!

Cost: $55 + $20 materials fee.

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