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Read more about our workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco area below

  • Wild Games and Toys Day!

  • Date: Saturday, February 9
  • Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Location: Griffith Park

  • Join me for a fabulously fun day in the forest as we play games and make a couple of wild toys!

    Children learn best through play. It’s an instinct.

    What we’ll do:

    • make a split willow deer to keep
    • make a stick dice game set to keep
    • play a variety of forest games

    What we’ll learn:

    • cooperation
    • patience
    • self-awareness
    • attention to detail
    • awakening instincts
    • natural movement
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  • After the Fire: an adventure in renewal

  • Date: Sunday, February 10
  • Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Location: Hansen Dam Recreation Area

  • The huge wildfires of 2018 left many of us, especially children, feeling frightened by the images of walls of flames, charred building remains and towering plumes of smoke. Yet this is only half of the story…

    Join me for a naturalist’s journey through Hansen Dam Recreation Area, which burned in the Creek Fire just over a year ago. We’ll explore the miraculous power of nature to renew herself. What plants and animals live here now? How has the fire changed the species diversity and population sizes? We’ll learn about successional stages and how Native Americans have used fire for thousands of years to intentionally shape their environment.

    Exploring this area one year after it burned will help us to imagine the journey of regeneration for the lands scorched by the Woolsey, Paradise and other fires.

    This will be a fun day of learning and exploring! Join me in the adventure!

    What we’ll learn:

    • Strategies plants/animals use to escape fire
    • Strategies plants use to return after the burn
    • Stages of ecological succession
    • Native American uses of fire for habitat management
    • Identification/uses of plants we find
    • Who knows? It’s an adventure! 🙂
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  • Apprentice of the Wild: Topanga Tuesdays!

  • Date: Tuesdays, April 23 - June 4
  • Homeschool Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Afterschool Time: 3:45pm - 5:45pm
  • Location: Topanga

  • There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! Topanga has so many beautiful and abundant wild places to explore! Hike a stream that supports endangered southern steelhead trout, gather sage seeds, make a stone knife and follow a raccoon’s tracks… so much to learn in this program! This session we’ll also learn about making plant medicines! Our class meets at a variety of locations throughout Topanga.

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  • Apprentice of the Wild: Pasadena (Eaton Canyon) Thursdays!

  • Date: Thursdays April 25 - June 6
  • Time: 11am - 3pm Homeschool. 3:45 - 5:45pm Afterschool
  • Homeschool Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Afterschool Time: 3:45pm - 5:45pm
  • Location: Eaton Canyon

  • There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! I haven’t run a program in Eaton Canyon for a few years and I’m excited to return! This location has a lot of biodiversity for us to discover as we also learn about our selves and how to be in community. And, of course, we’ll hike to the Falls one class and enjoy the cool spray as the creek falls from 50 feet to meet the pool below.

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  • Apprentice of the Wild: Costa Mesa Saturdays!

  • Date: April 27 through June 8 meeting every Saturday
  • Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Location: Costa Mesa

  • In the Wilds of Costa Mesa, our intrepid band of Gatherer-Hunters moves silently, aware, listening deeply, seeing through the face of nature and into an interconnected community of life and death and rebirth. We are Apprentices of the Wild.

    This is so much more than a course about survival or a series of nature hikes. We’ll learn survival, of course. And we’ll learn the names of many plants and animals. But this class is really about the lessons that run deeper.

    Survival is easy. How do we truly thrive?
    “Surthrival” teaches us patience, awareness, self-discipline, interconnectedness, cooperation and gratitude. These are essential Life skills.

    Some of the skills we may learn:

    Nature immersion games
    Sensory awareness, expanded vision
    Silent walking and stalking
    Tracking and reading animal sign
    Safe use of knives and knife sharpening
    Edible and medicinal plants
    Fire making with flint and steel, bowdrill and handdrill
    Preparing char cloth
    Preparing tinder
    Types of fires for warmth, signalling, cooking and the making of tools
    Using fire to shape and bend wood; straightening handdrill shafts and coal burning
    Shelter design and concepts for insulation and weatherproofing
    Shelter location based on topography
    Water purification using primitive methods
    Making rope/string from plants for fishing line, nets, snares, etc.
    Digging sticks and rabbit sticks
    Primitive hygiene (making soap, toothbrush and comb)
    Paiute deadfall trap, quail trap and springpole snare
    Safety outdoors (poisonous plants, insects, reptiles, bear and mtn. lion)
    Useful knots
    Outdoors cooking methods and wild teas
    Accessing intuition
    Traditional and modern stories
    Wilderness ethics

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  • Apprentice of the Wild: Palos Verdes Sundays!

  • Date: April 28 - June 9 meeting every other Sunday
  • Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Location: Palos Verdes

  • There’s so much to experience for both new and continuing students! Build a shelter, catch a lizard, uncover mysterious “lions” in the sand and so much more! Two classes at Frog Creek, one class at George F. Canyon Preserve and one class at a rarely-visited beach with awesome tide pools!

    Our Tide Pool Day is a big adventure! We scale down a steep and narrow trail to the beach using a rope to add support. I’ll be spearfishing and gathering fascinating creatures from the depths to show you (wave conditions permitting). If I spear a fish, we’ll learn it’s anatomy, make a fire with a handdrill in the Old Way, and cook it as a shore lunch. Lots of gratitude goes into this as we seek to understand our place in the cycle of life and death.

    * Class takes place rain or shine. Refunds will only be issued if class is cancelled.

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  • Adult 4 Day Skills Intensive!

  • Date: June 20-23

  • I don’t offer an Adult Intensive very often, so jump on this! 4 incredible days of ancient skills, beautiful scenery and new friends! I’ve lived the Old Ways. Join me!

    Stay tuned for details!

    What we’ll learn:

    Whew! A LOT! On past intensives, we ate rattlesnake, caught trout by hand and had a bear walk past our camp at daybreak. We made fire the Old Way, built our shelters, foraged and sooooooo much more!

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