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Welcome! Scroll down for Sean’s Apprentice of the Wild programs. Chris’ April skills workshops coming soon! 


Deepen your child’s relationship with nature and the foundations of humanity… the ancient skills… and watch your child develop greater confidence, awareness, empathy, attention to details, cooperation, sense of self-worth, patience and more!  This is a mentoring program. We will make fires by rubbing sticks together, learn edible and medicinal plants, move silently, feel the natural rhythm of the land, and discover indigenous wisdom as we “seek what they sought.” All classes are taught with love, compassion, non-violent communication (NVC) methods, and the inherent principles of living a life in Harmony with the Earth.

* All programs are available on a PER PROGRAM (not per class) basis. Class takes place rain or shine. Discounts and refunds will only be issued if class is canceled.

To register, contact Sean directly at sean.critchfield@gmail.com with:
1.  Name of program
2.  Homeschool or Afterschool?
3.  Name and age of child/ren
4.  Parent’s name
5.  Your phone number
6.  Payment via PayPal to sean.critchfield@gmail.com.  Please contact Sean if you need a different payment option.

*Apprentice of the Wild: Topanga! 

 Instructed by Sean Critchfield

Topanga and Malibu have so many beautiful and abundant wild places to explore! Hike a stream that supports endangered southern steelhead trout, gather sage seeds and follow a raccoon’s tracks… so much to learn in this program!

*Apprentice of the Wild: Pasadena (Hahamongna Watershed Park)! 

Instructed by Sean Critchfield

Hahamongna is one of my favorite places! A great diversity of plants and animals including a variety of lizards, toads, Pacific tree frogs, hawks and owls and even bobcat. We can build shelters here, forage, play Skunk and Owl, and explore “Frogopolis”!


*Apprentice of the Wild: Hansen Dam Recreation Area!

Instructed by Sean Critchfield

Wow! There’s so much here to explore and learn about! This area has tremendous diversity, lots of shade trees, secret paths and even a year-round creek!

*Apprentice of the Wild: South Bay! 

Instructed by Sean Critchfield

This amazing area is a little gem of diversity hidden in the Palos Verdes area! This class has the opportunity to visit both the inland coastal environment AND the beach! Join us for tracking, tide pooling, and adventure!

Drum Making Workshop

Date and Location TBA
10am – 5pm

We’ll be making beautiful hand drums that you can use in ceremony or for your personal enjoyment. I’ve been making drums for over 15 years.

Bringing back Deer’s voice.  This is a tool for the journey.  Expect a rich experience of intention, beauty and fun while we create together!

Cost of this workshop will be $195.  All materials provided.  10am – 5pm Sunday.  Location to be announced.

Cedar Bark Basketry Workshop

Date and Location TBA
10am – 4pm

This beautiful, simple and eminently functional basket style is found all over the world. In the northern hemisphere, berry baskets have been made from cedar, birch, spruce, maple, pine, aspen, willow, tulip poplar, cypress, hickory and more. Any flexible bark that can be removed as a panel will make a berry basket.

This is an easy and fun project! Join us as we honor the cedar and the wisdom to be found in the convergent methodology of this nearly universal basket style.

Cost: $65
Age: Adults and children with a parent.


Weave a Tule Water Bottle Basket!

Date and Location TBA
10am – 4pm

Tules, aka bulrushes, are an incredible plant that is easy to weave! We’ll be weaving a simple, beautiful and useful basket around a water bottle. Tules (pronounced too-lees) are like “foam” on the inside, so this covering offers substantial protection to a glass bottle.

This class is a great introduction to the wonderful world of tule weaving, which includes a wide variety of baskets, mats, hats, ropes and straps and even shoes!

Come out and have fun as we weave together!

Cost: $55 + $15 materials fee.

Walkabout: Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants plus Ancient Skills Hike

Date and Location TBA
11am – 3pm

Join me for a Walkabout at one of my favorite places! This location offers a wide diversity of plants, environments and animals. We’ll discover a patch of slender milkweed, which is great for cordage (and we’ll look for monarch caterpillars), wild grape, tules, stinging nettle, and so much more!

The Walkabout is a way of “asking” the land for guidance.  It’s a way of finding food, shelter and tools intuitively.  It takes a bit of faith and it’s a lot of fun!

We’ll identify our needs vs. wants, then go for a walk along trails that take us along a beautiful lake, then into a deep forest, a dry eucalyptus grove, and finally along a cool river (with frogs!).

We’ll learn A LOT as we discover how to meet our needs easily and efficiently with our “beginner’s mind”, unfocused awareness and the thrill of the unknown.

Cost: $40 (parents attending with a child are free)

Make a Willow Egg Basket!

Date and Location TBA
10am – 5pm

This easy basket is fun, beautiful and oh so functional!  You can fill it with the eggs you collect or use it for grocery shopping or…  Well, you’ll want to use it because it’s so beautiful!

We will weave European basket willow that I harvested from a farm in Oregon.  Once you’ve learned how to make this basket, you can experiment with a variety of other materials including vines, dogwood, bark, fabric and rope. How fun!

Cost: $55 + $20 materials fee.